Luis Caffarelli, the Messi of math – Daniel Goldberg (Technion)

Luis Caffarelli, the Messi of math – Daniel Goldberg (Technion)

We are happy to invite you all to a special talk this Wednesday, 17.5, at 12:30, by Daniel Goldberg on the mathematics of Luis Caffarelli, the laureate of the 2023 Abel Prize. The talk would be held at Amado 232 at the Technion, and it would also be accessible from Zoom. If you are interested to attend, either live or on Zoom, we kindly ask that you register at the link below the abstract so we could better.


Luis Caffarelli, the Messi of math – Daniel Goldberg (Technion)



How does the temperature around a cube of ice evolve as it melts? (Properties of the Stefan problem)

Can a continuous flow of water suddenly spin out of control? (Blow-up of the Navier-Stokes equation)

How does a membrane look when it is placed around an object? (The Obstacle problem)

These seemingly simple physical questions have deep mathematical solutions (or partial solutions). Luis Caffarelli, an argentine mathematician dubbed the "Messi of Mathematics" studies these problems and provides insightful answers.

So much so that he is given the 2023 Abel Prize for his contribution to Partial Differential Equations. He worked on free boundary problems such as the ones described above as well as on the Monge-Ampère equation.

In this talk, we shall give a brief overview of the Navier-Stokes equation, the Stefan and Obstacle problems as well as some of Luis Caffarelli's corresponding results.

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