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The Center for Mathematical Sciences (CMS) lies the heart of the Technion campus. Established in 2001, it is the successor of the Institute of Advanced Studies in Mathematics (IASM) established in 1988. The CMS plays a crucial role in promoting research in the mathematical sciences at the Technion. The Center sponsors and organizes numerous activities throughout the year, including conferences, special lecture series, summer schools, and workshops. These activities cover a wide variety of topics in different areas of mathematics and are meant to encourage cooperation between Israeli and non-Israeli mathematicians from around the world.

The CMS continues to be a hub of mathematical research. Its legacy as a premier research Center is firmly established, thanks to its tireless efforts in promoting research, fostering collaboration, and nurturing young talent.

Omer Bojan.
"The conference was amazing. I cannot thank you enough. It was organized so well, with such great people, and I learned so much. I truly think it's a "math life-changing event" for me and many other people there, and you're basically responsible for it. I can't think of a better thing an advisor can do than give me such an awesome opportunity to feel the vibes. So again thank you.”
Omer Bojan. Graduate Student