Warm congratulations to our exceptional graduate students

Warm congratulations to our exceptional graduate students

We are honored to extend warm congratulations to our exceptional graduate students, who continue to shine with their research achievements.

Michael Besrudsky – Prof. Elisha Netanyahu Prize
Daniel Carmon and Markos Krameris – Prof. Haim Hanani Prize
Jonathan Phima – Prof. Lior Markin Award
The prize from the Foundation for Encouraging Excellence in Mathematics was given to: Kay Barshad, Oles Dubrovski, Shaked Bader, Gilad Sofer, Ran Kiri, and Katrin Golubkov.

In a series of posts, we will present a few of them, starting with Dr. Michael Besrudsky, who has been awarded the prestigious Elisha Netanyahu Award.

Dr. Besrudsky has embarked on a new journey as a post-doctoral researcher at The Ohio State University, following the successful completion of his Ph.D. under the guidance of Professor Ram Band.
Here is a brief description of his research:
“My research focused on problems in uniform distribution in homogeneous spaces. During my Ph.D., I achieved two main results. One was an upgrade of previous work by Uri Shapira and his collaborators, addressing a classical problem in number theory. The other problem pertained to uniform distribution modulo one, which was motivated by various works in the field of homogeneous dynamics. I employed diverse tools from ergodic theory, harmonic analysis, and o-minimal structures to study these problems.”

For further information, please visit Dr. Besrudsky’s personal website: https://lnkd.in/d9zcm4rG