Joining Math Seminars

Joining Math Seminars

Follow these simple steps to add a regular seminar to your calendar (Outlook or Google).

All upcoming talks will automatically appear on your calendar.


 Outlook 365 web (not from h the desktop outlook):

1.Go to calendar taskbar (choose the image of calendar in the far left)

2.Press “Add calendar” (just under the small list of dates)

3.”Subscribe from web” (menu on the left)

4.Paste in the URL of the seminar you want from the list on this page

5. Name the calendar being added

6. Click “import”


In my Google calendar:

  1. From the menu on the (left) side with the list of your calendars, scroll down to the “Other calendars” line and click the “+” button.
  2. Select “From URL” in the list of choices.
  3. Paste in the URL of the seminar you want from the list on this page (into the “URL of calendar” input box).
  4. Click on the “Add calendar” button.
  5. Use the “left arrow” to leave the settings page, and the new calendar should appear in the list under “Other calendars”.
  6. To add notifications to a calendar, select this option in the settings area of the calendar

List of calendars 

All Seminars

Geometry and Topology Seminar

Algebra Seminar

CMS Activities

PDE and Applied Mathematics

Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization Seminar

Groups, Dynamics and Related Topics

Combinatorics Seminar

Math Club


Faculty Events (faculty gatherings, graduation ceremonies…)

Teaching Seminar

Probability Seminar

Pizza Seminar

Graduation Seminars

Noncommutative Analysis Seminar